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So I'm new, and I haven't really properly introduced myself since I was waiting until I had something to say other than "OMG I Love N&A!"  But now, I think I have something worthwhile to contribute.

It looks like the whole series is availible to see here!

I've been trying really hard to find the episodes in some way since it was canceled and now the magic of the internet has done it!  I apologize if this is already common knowledge, but it's news to me.

As for introductions, I'm an aerospace engineer that watched way too much sci-fi as a child, and one of my favorite shows was Now and Again.

Edit:  whoops I guess there are uploaded videos but since they were f-locked I didn't see them until just now.  But, it's not a torrent and hopefully it won't destroy anyones bandwidth. 

Double Edit:  And apparently only some have the full video.  That's annoying :(
At least the first episode is there completely.
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