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Now and Again Fans

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Gotta love this show!! [31 Dec 2011|03:03am]

[ mood | tired ]

Hi all,

I just started watching this show again, after finishing downloading it recently via torrent, and I had mostly forgotten how awesome it was. Only mostly because I remembered that it was awesome and that I should download it.

I started watching it when it was shown at like 3am on ITV, but they never showed them all before they started to repeat the ones I had already seen with signers.

By Ra, the amount of Eric Close hotness is astounding and I'm only up to episode nine.

If anyone wants the full 22 episodes, I recommend a torrent found on kickasstorrents (kat.ph), or message me if you would like a specific episode uploaded somewhere or maybe a dvd-r in the post.


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*is very late to the fandom....* [23 May 2008|06:42pm]

[ mood | lethargic ]

But I come bearing fic. Is that okay?

It's at myLJ, and is a crossover with Without a Trace. Aaand... I might have killed people off for  my own warped purposes? Also, I'm on my first run-through of the eps and I'm not 100% certain about the character. If I did horrendously, feel free to beat me...

Title: Revelations




Rating: Probably teen. Slash.

Fandoms/Pairings: Without a Trace/Now and Again – Danny/Michael.

Warnings: Violence. Danny being a horndog (what’s new there?). Sex.

Summary: Who, exactly, is Martin Fitzgerald?


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Lawdy! [04 Jul 2007|09:16am]

[ mood | excited ]

So I'm new, and I haven't really properly introduced myself since I was waiting until I had something to say other than "OMG I Love N&A!"  But now, I think I have something worthwhile to contribute.

It looks like the whole series is availible to see here!

I've been trying really hard to find the episodes in some way since it was canceled and now the magic of the internet has done it!  I apologize if this is already common knowledge, but it's news to me.

As for introductions, I'm an aerospace engineer that watched way too much sci-fi as a child, and one of my favorite shows was Now and Again.

Edit:  whoops I guess there are uploaded videos but since they were f-locked I didn't see them until just now.  But, it's not a torrent and hopefully it won't destroy anyones bandwidth. 

Double Edit:  And apparently only some have the full video.  That's annoying :(
At least the first episode is there completely.

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Where was it taped? [18 Jun 2007|11:14pm]

WHERE in NYC was the show taped? Is the apartment building really on Manhattan? I'm going to NYC in a couple of weeks, and I surely can't go knowing I'll miss out on anything. And that building is something. :-p

I went online today to find someone to ask this question and randomly found another post at tripadvisor with the same question posted today. Whoa.
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26 Icons and 4 Wallpapers [25 Mar 2007|02:34am]

NAA M/L 3  NAA - Solitude  NAA - Stars

Credit, Comment and all the good jazz
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Vid: Always Something There [08 Jan 2007|09:44pm]


Title: 02 - Always Something There
Character/Pairing: Michael/Lisa
Spoilers: Though 'The Eggman Cometh'
Song: Brian Whitman - [There's] Always Something There To Remind Me
Size: 10.4 MB
Description: I was born to love her
Notes: This is my 100th music video!
Download: Megaupload OR Sendspace

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Vid: You and Your Friend [02 Jan 2007|10:30pm]

I've made a little music video and I thought I'd share it with all of you. :)

01 - You and Your Friend
Character/Pairing: Michael/Lisa and Heather
Spoilers: Though 'The Eggman Cometh'
Song: Snake River Conspiracy - You and Your Friend
Size: 10.3 MB
Description: I think I'm in love with you and your friend
Download: Megaupload OR Sendspace
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Everybody Who's Anybody [24 Nov 2006|09:51am]

[ mood | blah ]

Part 3: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBKQIRY3z7o
Part 4: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpUa5-7mt6k

Next ep to be posted will be Parts 1 & 2 of 'Boy Wonder'. I have a bad case of the flu right now, so it may not be posted in the next day or so. However, I'll endeavour to get it done as soon as I can.


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16x01 Everybody Who's Anybody [23 Nov 2006|08:03am]

[ mood | awake ]

Here's the first two parts of 'Everbody Who's Anybody.'

Part 1: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8l6Kx2547k
Part 2: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCR70pKR8HI

The first ten minutes or so of part one has some intermitten interference - not a whole lot I could do about it, since the source tape is old. Don't forget to change the xx to tt. Enjoy.

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Deep In My Heart Is A Song [22 Nov 2006|10:06am]

[ mood | sick ]

Part 3: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7uMVpurfOs
Part 4: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm0fcB3a538

Change the xx to tt. 'Everybody Who's Anybody' will be added in the next day or so.

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Deep In My Heart Is A Song [17 Nov 2006|09:41am]


Forgive me if this isn't allowed in the community, I just thought some of you might like to check it out. Parts 1 & 2. Parts 3 & 4 should be added by tomorrow. Change the xx to tt. Enjoy. :)
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Now and Again hat! [10 Nov 2006|01:24pm]

Hey, was sent this eBay link yesterday:


The guy selling it worked on the crew for the "Bugmeister" episode. Thought you all would get a kick out of it.
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*facepalm* [27 Sep 2006|02:37pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

To anyone asking about the viability of this offer:

I just can't do it right now. Between six credits' worth of graduate school classes, the Great White Elephant house and working full-time when everything is going nuts at work, I honestly can't sit down and re-dub all those tapes. I've resorted to just programming everything I normally watch on my DVD recorder even though I may not find the time to watch any of it until after my nervous breakdown final projects get turned in on December 12th.

When things get less insane and I have a better setup (read: I'll have re-recorded the eps onto the hard drive of my DVD recorder and leave them there this time) I'll repost. Sorry about this, all, but I'm being pulled in 50 different directions. :)

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Limited time offer... [06 Apr 2006|11:25am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi all -

I was originally going to make this a reply to on_the_ground's post, but since it's been so long I figured it's worth a post to the group.

A couple months ago, my VCR died. However, there was a death in the family the very next day and naturally, I completely forgot about the VCR - until two weeks ago, when I tried to tape something off of my DVD recorder for a friend and went, "Oh, yeah. I forgot it was eating tapes." So now the VCR has been replaced with one that works, and currently, I have the VCR set up to record from the DVD recorder.

Which brings me to the point of this post: is anyone in need of episodes on VHS? I have all the episodes on DVD-R, and at the moment, the new VCR is hooked up to record from the DVD recorder, so I can tape any episode you need on VHS now. (Recording to DVD-R is an undertaking that must wait til AFTER the semester's over, as it will have to involve dubbing from the original tapes again and then burning to DVD-R.)

The drawbacks? The original tapes were old as anything, so with the possible exception of "The Eggman Cometh" (the only ep I taped in SP), the sound quality's a bit off. (You can understand the dialogue with no trouble, but there's the occasional annoying staticky pop that annoyed the heck out of me when I first recorded them onto DVD.)

Also, because graduate school is driving me INSANE, this is a limited time offer - meaning that after a certain point, I'm going to stop taking requests so I can actually fulfill them and actually somehow have time to figure out how to turn a handful of statistical algorithms into an actual database application and put together a neural networks presentation so I don't flunk out of grad school.

EDIT: As I mentioned in my most recent post, this offer is cancelled until further notice or until graduate school drives me completely over the edge. I'll post again when I really can commit to a project like this.

(edited further because three more people e-mailed me asking for tapes after I posted the grad-school-is-trying-to-kill-me post)

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Looking for some episodes.. [15 Feb 2006|04:56pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]


I'm not sure if this will work but I'd reeeally like to find the episodes I'm missing of "Now and Again" so I think that at least I must try to see if some other fan could help me.

If you could upload anything (or even better, send me a copy on dvd/cd) tell me an e-mail and I'll send you a list of all the shows and movies that I have and I'll be very glad to send you whatever you want in exchange on dvd. (Those episodes I wouldn't need are 1-4, 7 & 11)

So, if you can help in any way and you'd prefer to send me an e-mail, you can do it to: angelachase2002@yahoo.es

Thanks so much in advance :)

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[13 Feb 2006|05:19pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

*Sings* "Gimme a siiiiign..." Hehe, hello. Is this community still active???
I LOVE Now and Again! Ill admit, i only watched at first because im a major Eric Close fan, but omgsquee its sooo the coolest *giggles* Its being repeated on ITV4 here in the UK, im pretty sure theyr majorly cutting out episodes, which sucks! Anyhoo, just wantd to squee and say hi!!
x xx

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Could N&A be resurected? [02 Dec 2005|12:22pm]

Both of the following sites discuss the future of TV show entertainment.
Turn On. Tune In. Take Over.
Pay-per-show deals could save TV series that the ratings can't

What do you guys think?
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[25 Nov 2005|01:52pm]

Hey weirdweb, back in May you mentioned something about making copies of your N&A tapes.

Are you still willing to do that? Because I'll trade episodes from any number of tv show, if you're interested.
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Question... [25 Nov 2005|08:34pm]

[ mood | curious ]


I hope this is ok to post here. I was hoping if anyone would be able to direct me to a website that I can download the Eps of N and A.

I saw some of it a while ago but I was not able to see the rest.

Please let me know if you have any info.


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How they look now [16 Sep 2005|12:35am]


I hate the world for cancelling this show.

SCREW... YOU!Collapse )

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