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Limited time offer...

Hi all -

I was originally going to make this a reply to on_the_ground's post, but since it's been so long I figured it's worth a post to the group.

A couple months ago, my VCR died. However, there was a death in the family the very next day and naturally, I completely forgot about the VCR - until two weeks ago, when I tried to tape something off of my DVD recorder for a friend and went, "Oh, yeah. I forgot it was eating tapes." So now the VCR has been replaced with one that works, and currently, I have the VCR set up to record from the DVD recorder.

Which brings me to the point of this post: is anyone in need of episodes on VHS? I have all the episodes on DVD-R, and at the moment, the new VCR is hooked up to record from the DVD recorder, so I can tape any episode you need on VHS now. (Recording to DVD-R is an undertaking that must wait til AFTER the semester's over, as it will have to involve dubbing from the original tapes again and then burning to DVD-R.)

The drawbacks? The original tapes were old as anything, so with the possible exception of "The Eggman Cometh" (the only ep I taped in SP), the sound quality's a bit off. (You can understand the dialogue with no trouble, but there's the occasional annoying staticky pop that annoyed the heck out of me when I first recorded them onto DVD.)

Also, because graduate school is driving me INSANE, this is a limited time offer - meaning that after a certain point, I'm going to stop taking requests so I can actually fulfill them and actually somehow have time to figure out how to turn a handful of statistical algorithms into an actual database application and put together a neural networks presentation so I don't flunk out of grad school.

EDIT: As I mentioned in my most recent post, this offer is cancelled until further notice or until graduate school drives me completely over the edge. I'll post again when I really can commit to a project like this.

(edited further because three more people e-mailed me asking for tapes after I posted the grad-school-is-trying-to-kill-me post)
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