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To anyone asking about the viability of this offer:

I just can't do it right now. Between six credits' worth of graduate school classes, the Great White Elephant house and working full-time when everything is going nuts at work, I honestly can't sit down and re-dub all those tapes. I've resorted to just programming everything I normally watch on my DVD recorder even though I may not find the time to watch any of it until after my nervous breakdown final projects get turned in on December 12th.

When things get less insane and I have a better setup (read: I'll have re-recorded the eps onto the hard drive of my DVD recorder and leave them there this time) I'll repost. Sorry about this, all, but I'm being pulled in 50 different directions. :)
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Good luck with your classes and work! Hope you don't get too stressed!
Understood, have fun with your studies!